Q: What are Wood Flowers?

A: Wood Flowers are hand-carved from Tapioca roots. These flowers are super lightweight and pliable. Because each flower is handcarved, they each will be unique in its shape and size. The natural color of the flowers or "raw" flower is a creamy, ivory color. Although some flowers will vary in shade of ivory, as well as some may have knots or bark incorporated in the petals, giving your flowers a gorgeous and realistic look. 

Q: How long will the flowers last?

A: Your flowers will last a lifetime! 

Q: How do I care for my flowers?

A: Store your flowers in doors, and away from direct, prolonged sunlight as this will eventually fade the colors of the flowers. If your flowers become dusty, use a can of compressed air to gently spray the dust off. 

Q: Does Wood Flowers Co. make pre-made bouquets?

A: We do not offer pre-made bouquets, only DIY Kits. 

Q: How do I dye my Wood Flowers?

A: Each DIY Kit comes with an instruction sheet on how to dye your flowers. But, if you have any questions, we are happy to help answer questions and walk you through the process - it took me so long to dye my flowers the first time 😊

Q: Do the flowers come with stems attached?

A: Your flowers will come loose, but your DIY Kit will include floral stems for your bouquet. Details on attaching stems are included on your instructions sheet. 

Q: What is Wood Flowers Co. lead time? 

A: Lead time will vary from item to item, so be sure to check out the description for your specific item. However, DIY Kits generally ship in 3-5 Business Days. 

Q: Can I cancel or Return my order?

A: I gladly accept returns and cancellations. Email us at info@woodflowersco.com

          > Contact me within: 3 days of delivery
          > Ship items back within: 7 days of delivery
          > Request a cancellation within: 2 days of purchase