Hello beautiful!
My name is Melissa. I am a wife and a dachshund mom. I am so happy that you stopped by! 
Here's a little about me and how I got started...
This is me with my super tall husband, Josh! We got married in the heat of Summer 2014
We have 2 dachshunds - about 10 years apart! Yikes! What were we thinking? Haha - They're besties...Now.
This is our oldest, Jack - he's 11 :)
...annnd here's Rohn - he's a year old :)
I'm a nurse by trade, but a creative at heart! I love art, flowers, and hand-crafted keepsakes. I even did the flowers for my wedding. 
One day, my sister approached me for some help with her bouquet. She ordered a wooden bouquet online and once it arrived...it wasn't what she expected.
I felt a little uncomfortable disassembling my sister's bridal bouquet. But, after some trial and error, I fell in love with the whole process.
When I got started, to help my sister out, there weren't a whole lot of options detailing how to create Wood Bouquets. I spent an embarrassing amount of time searching and searching for videos, blogs, articles, anything to help me figure this out. After much frustration, I found a few videos. But, they made me feel like I was missing something. Like I was a weirdo for feeling insecure about dyeing my flowers. Y'all, I had the flowers for a solid MONTH before I tried to dye them. - Haha - Once you dye them, then what? I didn't have the time to watch hours of more videos to pick out all the tips and tricks hidden in them. I needed the quick, down and dirty on how this works.
Like I said, through trial and error, and so many videos later, I started my own Wood Flower Bouquet business. Creating bouquets has been a blast, and now I want to share what I have learned along the way!! I'm going to give you the crash course on how to choose your flowers, your colors, how to dye your flowers, the tips and tricks involved in dying different types of flowers, how to dry your flowers, how to stem your flowers, and how to arrange your flowers. All in easy to digest and non-judgemental tutorials. 
Let's have some fun!!
All the best,
Melissa xoxo